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Monday, August 13, 2012

A Pinterest Play Date!

We had a play date with a cute set of twins scheduled for this morning at 10:00...and I had all three kids home for the day (Sassy's school was closed for an obscure holiday!).  At about 9:30, I decided to plan something new and different to entertain the children.  It's very rare that I orchestrate a play date because I love to see their imaginations develop...but I had a feeling that we were going to need some intervention today!

So enter my new obsession...Pinterest!  Someday I'll do a post on all my crafty projects that now fill my house...but let's stay on topic here!  I skimmed my "Kids" board and stumbled across the "homemade chalk paint" and quickly noticed that we had all the ingredients on hand. 

Here's the recipe and simple!  And the kids loved it...see for yourself!

Love the tongue hanging out!

And this is the face of someone caught mixing colors!
Oh, Sassy!

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