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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fair Warning, Ladies!

We celebrate most holidays in our house in full costume!  I love making the kids feel a bit festive.  I waited a bit longer than most years to find shirts for Valentine's Day...but I think Bruiser's was a winner!  (And it's even cuter when Sassy walks around quoting it!)

Our Valentine's Day was a bit of a bust.  Bruiser spent the morning home with me, as I was recovering from a nasty case of strep throat (that one of my darling students so nicely shared with me!).  I had felt lousy all weekend (actually since the Thursday before) and decided I needed to visit the walk-in bright and early Monday morning.  They ran the strep test and the doctor didn't even need to examine was immediately positive for those evil germs.  Strangely, I had no fever and my throat wasn't horrible...but I sure felt rotten!  But the meds worked their magic and I quickly bounced back.  I probably would have made myself go to school on Valentine's Day but Daddy insisted I stay home and I was glad he did!

Daddy worked late on Valentine's Day...which is normal...and brought home take-out and flowers.  The kids were relatively calm (ha!) and I rested a lot.  Daddy and I heading out to dinner and a movie tonight to make up for the "ruined" holiday!

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