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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Was Sweet!

We spent Mother's Day enjoying our family!  There was a bit of breakfast in bed, a bit of outside playing, some small chores (because they never end in this house!), a bit of lunching of out, a store or two, some yard work, and then a happy ending ice cream treat!

A local ice cream shop offers free ice cream for mommies on Mother's Day ( and for daddies on Father's Day, for equality!), so we headed out before bed for a treat with our friends, the Johnson family (because we couldn't think of anyone else we'd rather share a sweet treat with!). 

We tried for a family shot with Mommy...but life with three kids can be a bit sticky!
(Plus Daddy needs a bit of camera practice!)

The best of the bunch!

And someone was so tired, this is what a short trip home in the car resulted in!
Love the necklace in the mouth!

All in all, it was a great Mother's Day!  Daddy helped the kids deliver flowers, a new chair for me to NOT sit in at the beach, and a few blueberry and raspberry bushes.  I think the family time helped block out the fact that I still had to do dishes and laundry...although, I didn't change one diaper all day!!!

And just for the memory books, Daddy stated this line as I was complaining about laundry "Well, it's Mother's Day, not Wife's Day." - and that is MY husband...all mine...aren't I so lucky!?!?!

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