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Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Catch-Up!

Bruiser won tickets to our local baseball team, so we got Miss Wiggles a sitter and took the other two for a "fun" between the whining and refusing to sit. Wonder what it's like to go to a baseball game without children?
Bruiser didn't like the sun...and thought he had to hold his sunglasses on!

Tater was all smiles!

And Bruiser was much happier when Mommy pulled Taggie out of her bag!

Wiggles had her first ballet class and looked super cute!
Then on the 4th we headed to our favorite neighbor's grandmother's house for a day at the beach and a picnic in the heat. This has become an annual tradition that we all look forward to and the kids had a between the whining and begging for food! Ah, parenthood!

Wiggles (a.k.a. Vulture), snacking away.

Tater, mid-whining.

Handsome boy!

Snuggle time for Miss Wiggles!

Nuk and red, white & blue!

Bruiser found the cars!

Tater taking a 5 second break...there were so many kids to play with!

This is how nicely they were playing together this morning!

And Wiggles helped Daddy make snacking a bit!

1 comment:

  1. How is it physically possible that these 3 get cuter and cuter?
    All good pics. Favs are M.W. in ballet attire, B in his hat, (lookit that face-maybe u can sell it to Nautica?) and for T, well... professional models strive their best to capture the essence of her deep felt emotions.
    Good job, photographer.